Project History

  • In April 2002, Yuqing Wang created JTestCase in order to resolve certain testing problems in his personal work.
  • In September 2002, JTestCase was splitted into three projects in order to achieve better reuseability.
    The three projects are: JTestCase, XType,XMLUtil
  • In November 2003, Christian Kölle joined the development team.
  • In Febuary 2004, Christophe Rochefolle provided ForTestCase and joined the development team.
  • In May 2005, Fausto Lelli joined the development team.
    We started a complete rewrite of JTestCase also removing the dependencies on XType and XMLUtil.
  • In June 21 2005, the 3.0.0 version of JTestCase was released.
  • In August 26 2005, Manish Marathe joined JTestCase. He provided a JTestCase automatic test case generation tool, TestGen4J, licenced by SpikeSource Inc.
    Together we started to adapt TestGen4J tool to the upcoming JTestCase releases.
  • In September 18 2005, the bug fix 3.0.1 project release was issued.
  • In November 15 2005, Oriol Forcat and Leonardo Fraga Pacheco joined the JTestCase team.