Release Notes 3.1.0

There are several new feature in this release, we tried to collect them and list them in this page.

New API Features

  • Param values instantiated through reflection (empty contructor needed).
  • New asserting types: ISTrue, ISTypeOf.
  • New data type : null using jtestcase type OBJECT_NULL.
  • New data type for String subtype : STRING_EMPTY ,STRING_SPACE.
  • New test failure report facility: getFailureReason().

New test-case xml-format Definition

  • New grammar for test cases elements
    <method name="amethod"><test-case name="acase">...</test-case></method>

Much Improved Performance

  • Due to several package internals optimization and reimplementations.

Better Exception Handling

  • FileNotFoundException if xml data file is not found
  • JTestCaseException for digester JDOMException
  • An TypeConversionException is cast converting to boolean illegal values (like "adfa") instead of default false.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ClassCastException in getTestCaseName method in
  • Added float type to the list of simple type conversion. Alias are "float","Float","java.lang.Float".